Web Hosting Policy

Website Beautiful offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on hosting services. If the customer wishes to cancel a hosting account within the initial 60-day period for any reason, notify Website Beautiful via e-mail and the payment will be promptly refunded. Website Beautiful does not offer partial or prorated refunds after the 60-day money-back guarantee period.


Domain Registration Policy

The $15.00 domain registration fee secures your domain for one year and cannot be refunded. The customer is the sole owner of the registered domain name, so arrangements can be made to transfer registration to another provider. If a domain is not registered through Website Beautiful, it is the sole responsibility of the domain owner to renew and keep the domain active. Website Beautiful will renew and keep active only domains we registered, and can not be held liable due to the failure to renew a domain that was not registered by Website Beautiful.


Website Design Policy

When you have contracted Website Beautiful to design and develop a website, Website Beautiful will adhere to the terms of our agreement. If Website Beautiful has not performed its service agreement, then there will be a full refund of the initial deposit. Upon agreement the initial deposit shall be fifty percent (50%) of the quoted cost of the website, and fifty percent (50%) upon its completion. If Website Beautiful has faithfully performed its obligation then there can be no refund. When the website has been fully completed as per the terms of the agreement, the balance shall be due and payable upon completion.

Should there be contention that Website Beautiful has not performed as per the agreement, there shall be initiatives to have dispute resolution. If the process finds that Website Beautiful has acted in faithful performance of its obligation, the balance shall be considered due and payable, and the website shall not be turned over until such payment shall be made.

If it is determined that Website Beautiful has not performed its service obligation then there will be adjustments either monetarily or by correcting the work. If the client indicates complete dissatisfaction and such is proven to be reasonable, then the monies from the web design payment will be refunded, and the website that has been created shall be taken down.


SEO Refund Policy

We do not provide refunds for SEO services rendered. A three month initial commitment is required to insure results. After three months, SEO is purchased 30 days in advance. If you are on a recurring billing payment plan for SEO you may cancel it at any time. You will not, however, be refunded for the current month. The cancellation stops new charges from incurring and we will continue to provide the services already paid for until the end of the current payment period.

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