Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important component of search engine marketing. If you’re not ranking on the first page you’re losing customers to your competition ranking above you.

Most web designers are not SEO experts and have little web marketing experience or track record of ranking success. Website Beautiful SEO NYC has been in search engine optimization for years and has experience and knowledge gained from practicing SEO for many businesses in competitive markets. We are constantly upgrading our SEO tools and strategies and adjusting to all of Google’s algorithm changes.

Website Beautiful SEO in NYC is dedicated to drive traffic to your website, and with it, customers to your business. The more people land on your website, the more sales for you, and the more ROI. 

SEO gets your site FREE traffic from people looking for things.

Who doesn’t want free traffic consisting of people who just raised their hand at that very moment to say “I’m looking for this specific thing”, and you happen to have that specific thing right here on your site? – a perfect match.

1.  It’s About Content:

  • SEO not a separate process
  • SEO is an extension of your company’s content strategy
  • SEO connects to the original purpose of your site, closing the loop, bringing customers to that content

2.  Marketplace Intelligence: 

  • We look into why and how people find your site
  • What they search for
  • How are they finding your competitors
  • We examine your competitors websites to see why they are ranked above you
  • SEO makes your business smarter, more focused, and connected to the reality of the marketplace

3.  It’s Measurable:

  • While SEO results can’t be guaranteed, it is measurable
  • You can measure your ROI with SEO
  • Compare it to traffic from other revenue-generating tactics you’re employing
  • We get traffic statistics for keywords and estimate their business potential
  • Analytics track specific traffic from those searches and measure it against real business results – new customers, sales, revenue, profits
  • SEO fits in the context of standard business thinking. Customer communication, competitive market research, and measurable results
  • SEO can compete for scarce resources on all of these fronts

All search engine optimization plans include:

Consultation: identify your target customers, map out strategy
Targeted keyword analysis
Meta tags optimization: title, destination, description, and keywords
Page content analysis for key word optimization
SEO on all pages for up to 50 keywords
Google Site Map creation
Manual submissions to:Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DMOZ
Manual submission to:Google local, and Yahoo local
Automated submission to secondary search engines
Website traffic analysis software
Targeted link building with industry websites and directories
Review and SEO ranking report
Three month SEO commitment required to insure results

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