Continued Service


Website Hosting - $15/month

Website Management - $40/month
- Text edits
- Adding or deleting images
- Adding, deleting, or editing full galleries
- Adding, deleting, hiding or editing pages, menus and links
- Graphics design
- Image editing, sizing images for best web practices, photoshopping, etc.
- Sign-up forms
- Accomplish requests and edits within 1 or 2 business days
- Full management of the website

Server Maintenance - $25/month
- Updating the core platform (program the website is built on)
- Updating third party programs and plugins
- Database backup
- All software updates
- Responding to alerts, messages, and script conflicts, and making repairs promptly
- Scans for malware to make sure the website is operating properly

Full Tech Support - $35/month
If something isn't right with the website or email accounts we'll get on it asap.

Total = $115/month
Discount for continuing all services - $80/month

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